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Eckel Manufacturing Co. Inc., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic power tongs, has for 69 years earned a reputation for quality and service. Since 1977, Eckel commenced heat treating their own products in order to improve the quality and durability of our products and three years later offered heat treating services to the industry.

Our goal and commitment to our customers is to provide high quality, fast turnaround, at a competitive price. We specialize in custom processing of all jobs, large or small, and we have the capabilities to perform a wide variety of heat treating services.

Eckel Heat Treating operates six large batch ovens 24 hours a day that have a maximum temperature of 1800° degrees and 8,000 pound capacity. Our ovens have internal quench protected atmosphere for part uniformity and advanced dual tube generators which provide 98% uptime with automated dew point control. The two oven lines are dual draw furnaces with Honeywell controllers which are calibrated on a quarterly basis. Line #1 has a maximum capacity of (30 x 48 x 30 in. / 2,000 lb. / 2,500 gal. quench tank) and Line #2 has a maximum capacity of (42 x 72 x 42 in. / 8,000 lb. / 8,000 gal. quench tank) which incorporates a spray dunk washer.

We heat treat parts for the following industries:

  • Minining & Drilling Operations
  • Agriculture
  • Oilfield Equipment (Reams, Tong Parts, Slips, Dies and Blowout Preventer Parts)
  • Compressors (Valves, Seats, Rods, Pistons)
  • Tools (Tool Steel Applications)
  • Automotive


Heat Treating Co., Inc.
Odessa, Texas
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